Product website, animated film & product campaign

Time for a relaunch of the lime fertiliser with a long history.

NORDWEISS-PERLE® is a purely natural product without chemical additives. It was high time to set the website and the product campaign on the next level:
ShinyCube develops a fresh look tailored to the modern target group interested in creative, sustainable and natural gardening.

A 3d dinosaur developed for the campaign guides the recipient through the entire world of gardening activities and accompanies them through the seasons.
webdesign Hamburg simulation 3d Modelling & VR

A Brand with character - development of an animated figure / key visual

Advertising figures anchor the brand message and the product much better in the customer's memory, because a mascot is personal, image-building and penetrates the subconscious much more strongly than a mere brand article.

Dino accompanies visitors through the website, appears in advertisements and on product packaging with recognition value. He knows his way around the world of successful gardening, gives valuable tips and puts people in a good mood.
In small animated films, he guides us through how the product works and explains in understandable terms the complicated world of garden fertilisation, improving nutrient uptake and optimising soil conditions. And all of this, of course, in a completely natural way!

The high recognition value and the likeable appearance make our Dino the star and perfect wingman of the NORDWEISS-PERLE®.

Examples of ad design, leaflets & flyers

webdesign Hamburg simulation 3d Modelling & VR

webdesign Hamburg simulation 3d Modelling & VR



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